We love to see our baby’s transition into toddlers, fondly called Tulips aged from 2 – 3 years old. Some of them join us as toddlers, but no matter when your child joins, you are assured of quality care and daily feedback regarding your child’s day at the nursery. Our staff are fully qualified and more than 80% of them have the additional training of “working with 2 year olds”. This is a tailored training to ensure that your toddler gets the best when they are at the nursery. Your child will be allocated a key-person who has the day to day responsibility of looking after him/her. The key person is allocated from the day your child starts at the nursery. The key person helps your child to settle in and bonding starts naturally from there. The key person is supported by a co-key person whom your child will also be familiar with. Apart from the key person and the co-key person, your child has the support of the entire staff team within the room. At no time will your child be without support. His or her progress is monitored right from the time they join until they leave for the big school.