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We care for babies from 3months to 2 years. Our highly experienced and mature staff means that your baby is in safe hands. All staff working with babies have further training in “working with babies”. From admission, your baby will be allocated to a key person who has the primary responsibility of looking after him/her. Additionally, there is a co-key person who works alongside your child’s key person to ensure continuity of care at all times. You will get daily feedbacks and you are welcome to discuss any issues or concerns you may have. We partner with you as a parent to give your child the best education and care. The focus here is on the PRIME areas of learning.



We love to see our baby’s transition into toddlers, fondly called Tulips aged from 2 – 3 years old. Some of them join us as toddlers, but no matter when your child joins, you are assured of quality care and daily feedback regarding your child’s day at the nursery. Our staff are fully qualified and more than 80% of them have the additional training of “working with 2-year olds”. This is a tailored training to ensure that your toddler gets the best when they are at the nursery. Your child will be allocated a key-person who has the day to day responsibility of looking after him/her. The key person is allocated from the day your child starts at the nursery. The key person helps your child to settle in and bonding starts naturally from there. The key person is supported by a co-key person whom your child will also be familiar with. Apart from the key person and the co-key person, your child has the support of the entire staff team within the room. At no time will your child be without support. His or her progress is monitored right from the time they join until they leave for the big school.



Our Pre-School fondly known as Sunflower is a unique place for children between the ages of 3-5 years old. We have a very diverse mix of children, giving your child the first opportunity of what British Value is about. Children are thought to be tolerant, respectful and accommodating of other cultures. Within this group, children are given adequate support to ensure that when they leave for the big school, they are ready and confident. Our parents have the joy of reporting to us about how well their children cope in Reception class, something they owe to the outstanding care and education the children receive.


Healthy Eating

Our commitment to healthy eating for young children stems from the belief that it is essential to provide the right nutrition to ensure your child grows and develops well whilst in our care.

Our food is all prepared on-site at our day nurseries and our chefs have all received training on allergies and intolerance’s

We believe that it is extremely important to promote a healthy lifestyle which will help your child on their way to live a long and healthy life. Diet and exercise are key elements within our healthy lifestyle policy.



We recognize the positive effects of drinking water, good nutrition and exercise on children’s wellbeing and the importance this has on their development. We provide freshly prepared home cooked food which encourages the children to make healthy choices and experience a broad range of different foods and tastes. We also give due consideration to special diets including children who require a separate menu due to medical, cultural or for allergy reasons. We provide alternative food and personalised menus for children with dietary requirements.



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 Food Hygiene Rating

We hold a 5-star food hygiene rating. The five-star rating is the highest rating you can get from an environmental health team. 

We are understandably proud of this, especially as we have held this award consistently. The rating is based on an unannounced inspection from an environmental health officer who reviews our systems and processes as well as the actual practice of our chefs and staff on the day.